Slow cooker, where have you been all my life?


Just letting you all know that I have recently aquired a slow-cooker (thanks to my friend Sonia who put the idea in my head) I am now obsessed. This thing does all the work for you! Slow cooker, where have you been all my life??!

The other morning I just threw in my ingredients into the slow cooker and when I got home that night, Voila! I had an amazing aroma filling my home. Supper was done! It was a beautful, fall-apart tender roast beef with root vegetables. I quickly made a salad and dinner for 6 was served. Normally, unless I slave over the weekend, I cannot have a home made roast on a weeknight.

Everyone should have a slow-cooker 🙂

Today, its a brisket, next week, pork loin. I’m super excited and will be posting my most successful recipes!

Stay tuned.

Steph xo

One response to “Slow cooker, where have you been all my life?”

  1. Glad that I had a great influence!! Love the Slow cooker 🙂
    You musttry my pulled pork recepie! Already made it 5 times as it is a HIT!!!
    Still need for you and Andre to come over to savour it 😉


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