Creamy Ricotta Scrambled eggs – low in fat

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You know I always like to share the quick & easy recipes that are also delicious….and healthy. I like it even better when they don’t taste healthy. Admittedly these creations are seldom my own. Except today, I have created a spin-off on Gordon Ramsay’s method of making scrambled eggs.

As with many of his recipes, it is lightning fast with a result that feels like it was slow-cooked.

He simply melts butter in a small saucepan, adds eggs and scrambles them right there in the pot with a rubber spatula alternating – on and off the heat. He treats his eggs like risotto, constantly stirring. When the eggs are almost cooked through, he removes them from the heat entirely, folds in a dollop of creme fraiche and chopped chives, salt & pepper. The residual heat from the pot completes the cooking and the eggs remain airy but with a great creamy texture. These were unlike any scrambled eggs I have tasted and I have deemed it THE ONLY WAY to make them.

I applied his method (with a few tweaks) the other day but since I don’t regularly have creme fraiche on hand, I used ricotta and OMG! I had done the seemingly impossible… I had made them even better than before!  The ricotta not only added the creaminess needed, it added it’s subtle flavor, unlike the creme-fraiche.

Imagine this…(Dream sequence) Once my eggs are ready…creamy, fluffy and still steaming , I carefully spoon them onto a thick slice of toasted belgian bread. I lightly drizzle overtop with my best olive oil and season with some course salt and pepper.  I love how the warmth of the egg softens the center of the bread just slightly and how the fresh and fragrant olive oil can be tasted in only alternating bites and how throughout, you can taste the subtle ricotta flavor.  Moving slowly, I use a fork and knife, cutting down through the soft egg and into the crunchy bread, trying to pile as much egg as I can onto my fork. Bite after bite, I want savour each and every moment….and alas, it is over too soon.

Cheeky 😉

(My husband read that paragraph and said “Ok, Its just and egg, not a lover” lol I am passionate about food and I really loved these eggs. I sometimes get into a dreamy state when I love a dish. I know I am not alone. People out there are in love with food , just like me!)

Serving per person.

Low in fat

3 eggs (one whole and two whites only)
Thin pat of butter for pan
1 tbsp of ricotta (2% is fine for this)
Kosher salt & pepper
Slice of crusty sourdough bread for toasting
Your best extra-vigin olive oil for drizzling
(optional) fresh basil 
Tools: Non-stick frying pan & rubber spatula

Melt a thin pat of butter into a medium non-stick pan on medium heat. (Med-low if using gas).

When the butter starts to form those tiny bubbles, add whole egg and two egg-whites straight in and swirl around with a rubber spatula. Once they start to become opaque, gently fold them onto themselves by scraping from the bottom and over – repeat until they are almost done.  (See my amateur video embedded below. Its hard to hold the camera and scramble at the same time!! I need an assistant!)

Meanwhile, take a sec to pop your bread slice into the toaster.

When the eggs are almost cooked through, remove from the burner and add a dollop of ricotta.

Fold the ricotta into the egg. The residual heat from the pan will cook the eggs through. This method will keep them soft, fluffy and creamy.

Season with Kosher salt and pepper.

Gently slide your eggs, onto the toasted bread slice.

Drizzle lightly with your best olive oil and top with fresh basil if desired.

Serve immediately.


I guarantee you will love this.

PS: I always buy a traditional Belgian loaf of bread , preferably from IGA, slice it thick and store in a ziplock in the freezer . This can be useful for recipes like this ,  making croutons or when un-toasted “italian” breadcrumbs are needed.

Here is an amateur video of me scrambling and folding the eggs.

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