Apple Pie Pops

Appe Pie Pop up

Holiday pot luck, cocktail party, kids’ party, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, bridal shower coming-out party and even a pitty-party…any party is an excuse to make these. People love things that are mini and do you know what they love even more? Mini desserts on sticks. People get giddy, its hillarious.

Not only are these pies so darn cute but you don’t feel as guilty after eating one or two, somehow it makes it all ok. They can also look elegant with a gold or fabric  bow. You can purchase small clear plastic confection bags from a kitchen supply store such as Ares, pop them over the pie, tie a bow to secure it and give them as a gift/party favour.

They are incredibly easy to make and can be prepared-ahead by freezing them assembled but uncooked on a cookie sheet. Make sure to wrap the cookie sheet securely with aluminum foil. When you are ready to bake, brush a little egg wash on them & pop them in the oven, from frozen.

Apple Pie Pops rawApple Pie pop sealApple pie pop rawApple Pie Pop single bakedAppe Pie Pop up

Special tools/ingredients:

3-inch scalloped or round cookie cutter

30 thick paper lollipop sticks from a kitchen-supply store.  (I suggest thicker and longer than a normal lollipop stick to support the pie better)


Apple mixture: This is my “go-to” apple pie filling recipe. It will make a lot, but you can either make more pie-pops or something else. I made about 30 pie-pops and still had left over filling which I used that week .

  • 6-8 MacIntosh and/or Granny Smith apples  (I buy 3 of each), cored and cut thin & small  (imagine that you will have to spoon a tablespoon in each pie)

-1/2 cup of sugar

-1/4 cup of brown sugar

-1/2 tsp of cinnamon

-3 tbsp of corn starch

Pie crust: I buy ready-made. I either purchase frozen dough from Premire Moisson or I buy the super-easy refrigerated Pillsbury pie-dough. All you have to do is unroll! No thawing & no fuss. For my party I purchased 3 boxes of Pillsbury – two disks in each box.  You can cut out about 10-11 rounds per disk.

-3 Boxes of Pillsbury Pie crusts

-1 or 2 eggs whites + a few drops of water, beaten (for egg wash)  1) to seal your pies 2) to brush over pies for a golden crust. Eggs wash made with only egg whites produces a slightly matt and lightly golden. Whole eggs produce a shiny darker crust.

  • icing sugar & a little water for glaze


-Sparkling sugar

Spakling sugar

Step 1
Mix chopped apples with the sugars, cinnamon and corn starch.
Let marinate for 2 hours or longer.
*tip: if you do not let you apples marinate to excrete their excess liquid, you can end up with and empty pie. Meaning, the crust bakes high and apples cook down leaving a huge empty gap. Not to mention, your pie will be liquidy.
Scoop apples out with a slotted spoon & place in a bowl. Set aside.
Step 2
Lay-out your pie-crusts and cut 10 to 11 even rounds with your cookie-cutter.
Step 3
Gently press a lollipop stick into a round. Ensure that about an inch of the stick is pressed in for security.
*Tip: press firmly but not too firmly, you don’t want to puncture the dough because your pie-pops will fall apart after baking)  It happened to me & I ate them. You’ve got to eat the rejects to contemplate what you did wrong…that’s how you learn.
Step 4
Place 1 tbsp of apple filling into the center of each round with the stick.
Step 5
Dip a finger into the egg wash and moisten the edge of the crust. Place another dough round overtop and press down firmly to seal.
Gently cut 2 or 4 little air slots with a sharp knife (not too big please)
Repeat the process with other rounds.
Step 6
Brush with egg wash and bake in a 350F oven until lightly golden. About 20 if baked fresh or 25 minutes if baked from frozen.
Brush with icing-sugar and water mixture for a nice translucent glaze or sprinkle on crystallized sugar.
Decorate with bows if desired.
Apple pie pops

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  1. These APPLE PIE POPS were an absolute HIT at a recent BRIDAL TEA PARTY !!!!

    So delicious…so pretty on a plate…and so easy and elegant to nibble on whilst wearing lace gloves, pearls, and a stylish fascinator !!!
    BUCKINGHAM PALACE please note… Oh YES ! HER MAJESTY wants more APPLE PIE POPS served with her afternoon tea !!!
    Stephanie… THANK YOU so much for this absolutely perfect contribution to Rosa’s BRIDAL SHOWER.
    You truly have the magic touch…

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