Cookie Staging

Cookie Staging final

I learned a new trick.

When I first made my Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies I was a little crestfallen because they looked home-made unlike the picture I saw on-line. Mine had dough obscuring the chocolate chips. So although they tasted better than store-bought, they looked too “homey”.

I realize that this may mostly be a concern for me as a “blogger”. I need to stand out or at least be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the thousands of talented cooks & food stagers out there in the Blogger-sphere!

So today I made another batch of Secret-Ingredient-Chocolate-Chip cookies because I wanted to do an experiment. AlsoI have been craving these cookies since the last one I ate several weeks ago.  Anyway, I only put 1+1/2 cups of chocolate chips into the mix and reserved half a cup. 

FYI – My husband just said I should re-name my blog “Why my husband is fat” .  Not my fault that he can’t have only one or two! I hid them for him. Today, its the wine cellar.

After placing my mounds on the cookie-sheet, I strategically placed some chips on top, only slightly pushed in and voila!! Uhhh, not yet… Close but not quite the look I was after…Still homey. See how sparse they are?

Cookie Staging 2Cookie Staging 3

So, when my next batch went in, I added the extra chips while cooking, mid-way. I pulled out the oven shelf and lightly pressed them on and VOILA! more professional looking chocolate-chip cookies!

Cookie Staging final

Thank you for reading my little ah-ha! moment and have a happy Sunday. Mind you, it will be happier if you make these cookies. They are delicious and comforting no matter how you lay your chips 😀

Just click here!

Steph xox

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