Avocado Baked Eggs

Baked avocado

I’m sure, like me, you’ve seen avocado baked eggs all over the internet. I love eggs and avocados so I couldn’t wait to try. Eggs are not as high in cholesterol as once thought. They have amazing health benefits such as reducing the risk of breast cancer, they’re great for vision and they boost your brain! Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, they help lower cholesterol, they contain more potassium than a banana and are high in fibre.

This recipe calls for small eggs in order for the yolk and egg white to fit perfectly into your lightly scooped avocado. Who buys small eggs?? I’d always ask myself when at the grocery store… “No recipe I’ve ever heard of calls for small eggs. Its just silly.” So, after I bought said eggs for this recipe, I examined the first one and thought, “How cute are they??? They’d look so cute sunny-side-up or OMG, hard boiled!”  Adorable. I am now a small egg buyer.

Anyway, on to the recipe…

Note: Not every grocer carries small eggs. I found mine at my local Provigo. You could of course use a larger egg but that’d mean scooping out more avocado. Just make sure to eat what you scoop out 😀

Small eggs are great if you want to eat them regularly for breakfast but in smaller quantities. We love eggs so, for us having a dozen extra large and a dozen small isn’t a big deal. With their generous shelf life, we have no problem using them up before the expiry date and we don’t even eat eggs every day.

Raw egg in avocado

2 Servings


1 hass avocado, halved and pitted

2 small eggs

Salt & pepper to taste

Optional Garnishes: Chives are a nice touch and you can also top with chopped tomato for a super vitamin-rich breakfast.


Preheat oven to 425.

Using your great estimation skills and your trusty teaspoon, scoop out some avocado flesh, leaving just enough room for your egg to fit. (I’d say roughly 2 heaping teaspoons per half)

Place your avocado halves into a small baking dish that will house them snugly. We don’t want them tipping over and spilling egg all over the place. (I use my Brie baking dish).

Working with one egg at a time, crack your first one into a small bowl.

Using your teaspoon, gently scoop out only the yolk and place into the avocado cavity. Beat the egg white lightly and carefully pour onto the yolk, burying it. (this is important because otherwise the yolk will cook more rapidly than the white)

Repeat with the second egg.

Season with salt

Bake for approximately 20 min. You can poke the white with the tip of a knife to ensure it has set. 

Season with freshly ground pepper and garnish with chives (if using).

Enjoy 🙂



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