“The Bear” French Omelet, My Way

Ok first off, if you haven’t seen the show “The Bear”, you must! It’s a show based on a chef, nicknamed Bear (derived from his family name), his family restaurant, the chaos that ensues and the importance of friendship, hard work and perseverance. How’s that for a quick summary? Anyway, the sous-chef makes a French omelet at one point, using Boursin cheese as the filling. It’s lovely already but what makes it the most copied TV omelet in history since Julia Chlld and Jacques Pepin is the sprinkling of broken sour cream and onion Ruffles on top! TEXTURE!!! + arguably the best Ruffles flavour ever made! I like so many, wanted to copy it but first, I needed to master the French omelet.

It’s been a personal cooking goal of mine to make the perfect French omelet, smooth, beautifully rolled onto itself creating a spiral on the inside, absolutely no browning whatsoever, a tender exterior and custardy interior.

I’ve watched countless YouTube videos on how to do it and when I tried it, I realized it’s not that difficult. The mistakes I made were minor ones; like my most common infraction, I got colour on them most times. Browning makes the exterior tougher. You should be able to slice through your omelet with absolute ease.

Now unless you’re obsessive like me, needing to get things exactly right, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting it perfect. It’ll taste great no matter what. You don’t wanna roll it? Don’t. Sprinkle on the cheese and flip it in half over itself.

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The mystery cheese blend, honey, candied oranges and Tomato Caesar Jam are all from my favourite fine foods store in Montreal, A la table by Hanna. Check them out here! You can visit their store or they ship!

The steps + tricks are:

  1. Beat 2-3 eggs with a whisk or fork until they’re frothy and the egg whites are fully incorporated. Note: Using more than 3 eggs will mean that it takes longer to set and the recipe just won’t work out as well. The good news is that French omelets take 2 minutes to make and you can make a whole bunch of them in a jiff once you get the hang of it! If you want to feed a family of 4 with an omelet, make an Italian frittata or a Spanish tortilla!
  2. Use an 8”- 10” non-stick pan and add a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half if the pan is 10”. You do not want your omelette to stick!
  3. When the butter gets frothy add the beaten eggs and immediately set to low. We don’t want the butter to brown, nor our omelette for that matter.
  4. Using a fork or spatula, vigorously shake and scramble the eggs until curds start to develop. Smaller curds make for a smoother textured omelette.
  5. Swipe your rubber spatula along the edge of the omelette, dislodging it from the sides.
  6. As soon as you can no longer scramble the egg (because it’s beginning to set) and you’re seeing the pan underneath in spots, spread the egg to fill in those spots and sprinkle the cheese on the far side of the omelet. (opposite of handle)
  7. Tilt your pan and using your rubber spatula, roll the omelet over itself. (See video)
  8. Turn it out onto your plate, preferably seam side down. If it falls weird and looks uneven, don’t worry! Fix it with your spatula and a knife, shaping it into a cylinder-ish shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect! You’re covering it with chips after all.
  9. Spread on some butter to make the surface glossy and “moisturized”, assuring it retains tenderness.
  10. Top with minced chives, flakey salt and the Ruffles
  11. Congratulations, you’ve just made a fancy-shmancy (and delicious) omelette a la francaise!

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It has been a cooking goal of mine to make a French omelette properly and after seeing the show The Bear, in which they make a such an omelette filled with Boursin and topped with chives and Ruffles sour cream and onion chips! I had to try but I used A la Table’s Melange Mystere cheese blend which combines mild and strong cheeses, which make for a deliciously complex melty, gooey cheese filling. I also used their signature honey for my fruit and their Tomato Caesar Jam for my toast and I cannot express just how perfect that Jam is with this cheese omelet.


  • 8” non-stick pan
  • Rubber spatula



  • 2-3 eggs beaten until frothy
  • 2 tbsp salted butter divided
  • Salt


  • A la table’s Melange mystere cheese blend
  • Fresh chives finely chopped
  • Ruffles chips crushed (optional but delicious)


  • Toast with A la table’s Tomato Caesar Jam
  • Fruit yogurt & A la table’s signature honey (or their honey & nuts)



  • Add a pinch of salt to beaten eggs
  • Heat your non-stick on medium
  • Add about 1tbsp butter
  • When butter becomes frothy, add beaten eggs and immediately lower heat to medium-low or low
  • Shake your pan while scrambling your eggs with your spatula.
  • Run your spatula around the rim of the omelet to unstick it.
  • As soon as the egg starts to set and you start to see the pan underneath in spots. Spread the egg over the empty spots.
  • Add a handful of cheese to one side of the omelette
  • Tilt your pan a little fold the egg over itself in a roll (or just fold in half)
  • Tilt the pan over your plate and slide the omelette, seam side down onto the plate
  • Fix it if it fell weird & spread a little butter overtop
  • Sprinkle on chives, flakey salt and broken potato chips.
    Voila! You’ve made a fancy French omelette. Enjoy!


Note: If the rolling part seems daunting you can simply fold the omelet in half and slide onto your plate. Also, if you get a little browning on your omelet, it’s all good!

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