Easy & Delicious Short Rib Ragu (Slow Cooker)

Hello there! I find that watching cooking shows inspires me to cook more creatively, taking me out of the rut which I get into now and again. They also inspire me to snack… A LOT.  You can’t watch a cooking show without getting hungry. It’s impossible! To be honest, writing this post is making me hungry….


Marilou’s Giant stuffed Pasta Shells alla Gigi

A friend of mine recommended that I check our this blog called Trois Fois Par Jour. Its by a local Quebecer – a multi-talented young woman named Marilou Bourdon. She is a singer/songwriter, cook, blogger and now, author. I subscribed to her blog via Facebook and have really enjoyed the recipes she’s posted – Easy, innovative,…

All-baked Eggplant Parmesan

          Hello all, (Updated Nov 20th 2018) This week, instead of scouring the internet for new recipes, I decided to leaf through my first recipe binder. It’s a collection of recipes I wanted to try back when foodnetwork.com was still new, along with recipes from family and friends. One that caught my…