Easy & Delicious Short Rib Ragu (Slow Cooker)

Hello there! I find that watching cooking shows inspires me to cook more creatively, taking me out of the rut which I get into now and again. They also inspire me to snack… A LOT.  You can’t watch a cooking show without getting hungry. It’s impossible! To be honest, writing this post is making me hungry….


Kale Pesto – The King of Pestos

I always struggle to find ways to incorporate Kale into my diet. There’s only so much Kale salad and kale chips and smoothies you could have and I’ve never really been blown away to be honest. I’ve always ingested it as a sort of ‘vitamin dose’, like you would with a pill. The leaves are so robust, you…

All-baked Eggplant Parmesan

          Hello all, (Updated Nov 20th 2018) This week, instead of scouring the internet for new recipes, I decided to leaf through my first recipe binder. It’s a collection of recipes I wanted to try back when foodnetwork.com was still new, along with recipes from family and friends. One that caught my…