Mini Post! Creamy Dill Dressing

Hello there! Here’s a really easy recipe for creamy dill dressing.  Last night, I doloped it over smoked salmon and fingerling potato salad. It’s so versitile! Drizzle it over some grilled shrimp, seafood salad or cooked fish such as trout or salmon. While I was prepping the rest of my dinner, I was dipping potato chips in it….


Baked Italian Chicken Wings

  Hello there! I made this really easy, very flavourful and frankly, exciting dinner tonight and wanted to share. These chicken wings are so irresistible! It’ll be really hard to control yourself around these; delicately salted, with a parmesan, garlic and herb sauce brushed over deliciously crispy wings, glistening on their platter, waiting to be savoured. I cannot…

Falsi-fried Chicken Drumsticks

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the holidays. I did but unfortunately its time to eat a little healthier now. I totally lost freakin’ control! I had Kentucky fried chicken even though we had Christmas dinner just last night…..just out of control. My KFC did inspire good though. It gave me the idea to make healthy, ultra…