The Juiciest Brined Grilled Chicken

Brining, this is new to me. I mean, I know that capers are brined, cheese and and Turkey too…. I know I like it but I’d never done it! What does it do, how do you do it? Thankfully, it’s a no brainer and you’ll never go back to grilling chicken breast without brining it first.


One-Pot Crispy Braised Chicken

This chicken is deceptively easy to make and my favourite part about it is that you get both tender braised chicken with a satisfyingly flavourful crispy skin. The little broth that is produced has a slight hint of vinegar, which is used to deglaze the pan, which may sound unusual but it is spectacular as…

Chicken and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

A lean and super delicious take on a classic recipe. I had my doubts about this skinny version of one of my all time favourite childhood meals but I was blown away and I’m not just saying that. This may be at par with, or even better than some of the best shepherd’s pies I’ve…